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Premium CBD Oral Drops 10ml 5% CBD

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Full spectrum CBD oil extracted from raw natural European hemp. Contains 500mg CBD per 10ml bottle. View Product
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CBD Oil 5%

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Cannabis Oil For Sale UK

Product Description

Ma CBD cannabis oil is a full spectrum hemp Sativa extract produced using supercritical CO2 extraction.

One 10ml bottle contains 500mg of cannabidiol, plus a wide range of other cannabis terpenes and flavonoids, in an natural hemp oil base.

From only £25 per 10ml (multi-buy discount), our cannabis oil represents extremely good UK value for a full spectrum extract.

10ml will provide you with approx 230 drops of oil and last for approx 23 days (based on 10 drops per day).

We ship all orders First Class( next day shipping excluding weekends), and UK postage is free for orders over £35.

Our warehouse and customer support team are located in the UK and we offer a no quibble money back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase.

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What is legal cannabis oil?

You are probably well aware of the increasing popularity of all things hemp and cannabis oil related in the UK. There is a surge in interest in research relating to health, medicine, pain, and medical applications and cannabinoids are growing in popularity amongst the general population along with cannabis e liquids and edibles. But what most people don’t know, is exactly what legal cannabinoids are. So let's quickly look at what it is and also how to find the best products.

There are three main products you can extract from a hemp plant. Firstly, marijuana which comes from the flower, hashish which comes from the resin, and cannabis oil which comes from the flowers and leaves of the plant. Cannabis oil is one of the most potent depending on the strain of the plant used for extraction.

The cannabis oil you will encounter in the United Kingdom will typically be a thick, sticky brown/black substance. It’s actually a combination of a range of different elements of the plant, including terpenes, cannabidiol, and tetrahydrocannabinol (the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effect and also often the cause of anxiety) as well as over 100 other cannabinoids. These are the main extracts with cannabinoids typically being sourced from the unpollinated male plant, otherwise known as industrial hemp. This dense unrefined substance can then be refined into a lighter extract in further phases of production. má CBD oil UK contains the original extract mixed with raw natural hemp extract (cannabis sativa).

Is hemp extract legal?

Supplying psychoactive extracts is illegal in the UK. Growing and harvesting hemp is illegal except under strict license agreement. But the attitude toward cannabinoids and their use as a health treatment are rapidly changing. Currently, you can have Sativex supplied in some circumstances when prescribed by your local GP for certain special cases, but these cases are rare, and high THC extract is not currently available on prescription even for patients suffering from chronic pain.

Those wishing to purchase high THC cannabis oil in the UK are left with limited options including purchasing illegal extracts of unknown quality from street dealers. Products purchased illegally can also contain additives and impurities which detract from any benefits you may be seeking. The best option would be to purchase it from a reputable business but buying legal extracts in the UK is not as easy as in the US where it is becoming increasingly accepted.

If you want to purchase cannabidiol in the UK and it has a percentage above 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol then you are breaking the law. It is no difference legally to smoking a joint. Have a large quantity in your possession and you could be going to prison!

Some types of cannabis are legal!


You can now enjoy a legal CBD cannabis oil and enjoy the satisfaction of being able to use it wherever and whenever you want. You will remain within the law and be free to enjoy the chilled relaxation and other benefits that are a feature of this extract.

As long as the CBD contains below .2% THC

As we have already mentioned, the legality is dependent on the proportions of cannabinoids and THC. má CBD extract is derived from specially bred strains of hemp which are grown specifically to produce legal extracts. má cannabis oil UK contains 500mg cannabidiol content and is therefore 100% legal to purchase and consume in the UK and Europe.


CBD contains all of the authentic terpenes and cannabinoids

Our extracts also contain natural terpenes and cannabinoids resulting in a delicious and relaxing experience. Those who prefer relaxation to a psychoactive effect are often surprised by the authenticity of the experience.

One day soon, the UK Government may accept the benefits of psychoactive extracts and relax restrictions on the levels of cannabinoids, but that day may still be a few years away.

This article in the Telegraph explains how cannabis in the UK is on rare occasions getting the green light to be grown under specific circumstances, or in County Durham at least:

Growing it for your own personal consumption is being treated with a slight increase in tolerance in the UK under certain circumstances, although under a strict interpretation of the law, it continues to be illegal. Growing at home for your personal use, however, is one thing. Processing cannabis into an extract, or selling it in large quantities to others is almost guaranteed to cause you severe legal issues.

How to make the best legal hemp extract

CBD oil extracted from cannabis sativa

Our 5% extract is derived from industrial hemp, grown using traditional methods on certified natural European farms. It is grown outdoors using natural fertilizers and allowed to dry naturally when harvested. The flowers are separated using a closed machine system to ensure the trichomes are all retained.  Supercritical CO2 extraction techniques enable the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids to be extracted without the use of ethanol or other chemicals. It offers all of the benefits of traditional cannabis extract with zero psychoactive effects and high cannabidiol content.

Where to buy hemp extract in the UK?

Buying potent psychoactive extracts in the UK remains illegal, but the law in certain US states has changed in recent years, especially relating to health use and medical prescriptions. You can buy directly from the US and have it delivered to the UK, although legally, it does not matter where you buy it from. It is still illegal to import or possess a product that contains tetrahydrocannabinol above 0.2% as the legal threshold is 20mg per 1ml or less. Purchasing from a UK supplier ensures your product is legal and will not attract attention from the Police. You can now purchase legal non-psychoactive extracts online from a handful of reputable suppliers.

But Is Hemp Extract Safe?

You likely already know that anyone who decides to buy cannabis in the UK is committing an offence if the psychoactive cannabinoid content is above a tiny fraction in percentage terms. But, as already discussed earlier, the industry is regulated and licensed producers are now able to use the hemp plant to produce CBD, or ‘cannabidiol’ as it’s known. But it needs to meet UK standards, so there can’t be more than 0.2% psychotropic content in every batch produced unless it is for licensed medicinal use. It’s perfectly safe because of the low percentage of psychoactive cannabinoids. You’re never going to get the same effect as marijuana when you buy a legal extract, it’s non-psychoactive. It’s perfect if you want to feel relaxed and you're ready to chill out after a long day. Thousands of customers have already tried our legal products and discovered the effects of cannabis-derived extracts for themselves.

Where to buy legal hemp products?

You do need to be careful about where you buy your products. Some suppliers have been known to claim to sell the best, but they can actually be full of contaminants. As well as that, the proportions of cannabidiol and psychoactive compounds might not be legally acceptable. There might be illegal cannabinoids or not enough cannabinoids. You’ll never get the consistent effect you want. If you’re looking for cannabis oil for sale, one of the best options available is our 500mg natural full spectrum oil. You get genuine cannabinoids extracted from hemp plants, and its legal, produced from premium quality naturalally farmed plants and gives you a great way to relax every time. Yes, we are biased, but we actually use it ourselves.

How to use cannabinoids

A hemp product is not the same as a psychoactive product. Cannabidiol rich extracts are used by those who value relaxation whereas psychoactive extracts are used by those who are looking for a "high" So, first of all, it’s important to know what to expect.

Remember that this is not the same as marijuana. It's derived from industrial hemp, so you’re not going to fly off to another planet!

The high feeling is caused by the psychoactive cannabinoids within traditional hemp plants, and any product that contains psychotropic compounds would make you high and is being sold to you illegally. What you need to bear in mind with legal extracts is that the levels of the psychoactive compounds are low, so you are going to feel relaxed and chilled out. That means it’s perfectly ok to use it anytime. There are no negative side effects.

How much cannabidiol should I use?

The best cannabidiol dosage is entirely subjective. The only way to find out what works for you is to experiment. Place 3 or 4 drops under your tongue and sit back. Keep it under your tongue for a couple of minutes to allow it to be absorbed. See how you feel. If you feel relaxed after approx 30-40 minutes then you’ve hit the mark and you should lean back and enjoy. If you only feel a slight effect, then try upping the dose a little, different people require different amounts to experience the same level of relaxation.

How Can You Find The Best Cannabinoids For Sale?

CBD cannabis oil drops

Legal cannabinoids are sold by many vendors all over the world, some legitimate, some will take your money and run. First of all, we recommend you purchase from a reputable UK vendor because this is the only way to be confident that what you buy conforms to UK regulations. You don’t want to have your order confiscated by the Royal Mail because there’s little chance of getting your money back and you might have legal issues if the THC content is above 20mg/1ml. So if you’re sticking to UK vendors, where should you go to make sure you get the best possible product?

Stay Online – Online vendors give you the benefit of being able to order from absolutely anywhere. You have more choices and you have far more convenience. We always recommend sticking to the online world because it tends to be more affordable, but choose your supplier carefully.

Stick with the big ones! – Don’t bother becoming the experimental customer for a new company. You don’t know who they are or whether they’re conforming to the rules. Stick to stores where there are already many positive reviews you can look at to enable you to buy with confidence. We are slightly biased but we believe we have sourced the highest quality legal cannabis sativa-derived extracts from traditional farms in Europe. We have many thousands of regular customers, we ship directly from our Surrey warehouse, offer fast delivery, and offer telephone and email after sales support.

Value for Money – Ultimately this is a recreational pursuit and you want to make sure that you’re not spending too much. Our premium product is affordable because we keep our costs down by not having a physical shop front.

Through joining an online community you can also get some good advice on where to purchase, but watch out for vendors posing as customers whilst advising people to buy their products!. You’ll also connect with others who are also chilling out and relaxing every day. The vaping community is a big one and they can give you a lot of pointers when you’re just starting out.

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Updated May 2019

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